Enjoy Ecotourism and Farming Activities in Chilean Patagonia

Patagonia is known for its beauty and tradition, flavour and amazing landscapes. Torres del Paine National Park is a very known place visited for more than 100.000 people each season.

Patagonia has a lot of interesting things to do and wonderful treks and sights to enjoy. There is a lot of history around. Fernando de Magallanes discovered this lands years ago baptizing its channel as the Straits of Magellan.Farming activities are common in these lands.

There are places like Rio Verde, Skyring Sound, Tierra del Fuego and many others where they produce lamb wool to export. The farming activies have become more and more interesting and it is not easy to enjoy watching these activities unless you are a relative person to a farm.But there are some "estancias" open to public so you can visit them and see how they work or a representation of how a typical estancia or farm works.

I have bee in Skyring sound making some photography for a customer and it was really beautiful. Feeling the contact with the animals and the people, just great!.I have enjoyed from visiting El Galpón, a tourism center near Punta Arenas where they represent the typical farming activities like sheep shearing, short trekking trails to know native flora and tasting the exquisite flavour of the "in the stick" style roasted lamb.

This is really the best meat i have ever tasted. We can cook lamb at home but the flavour of the traditional roasted lamb cooked in the fire with a stick throughout makes me feel like going again soon.El Galpon was established in 1920 as the Dairy of Bellavista Farm. Tomás Dick impulsed it in the 50' s and currently, keeping its original structure has been transformed it into "El Galpón", a get together place to enjoy Patagonia's traditional cooking.

Fine Chilean handicraft items such as sheep and llama woolen garments can be purchased and a regional music group which sings and dances shows the typical Chilean folklore and there is a video where you can learn how Magellan was colonised.I also enjoyed a panoramic view of Punta Arenas, the Straits of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego and Darwin mountain range; and i have seen the most representative species of grass, bushes, flowers and trees of the Patagonia.I reccomend all of you to think about going to these faraway lands. it is a magnificient experience. If you want more information about it visit www.elgalpon.

cl.Welcome to Patagonia.


Marcelo Kunstmann
Graphic Designer, photographer and lover of Patagonia. 32 years old, married. Lives in Punta Arenas, 300 kilometers to Torres del Paine National Park in souther chilean patagonia.

Close relationships with tourism companies in this areas. Graphic service provider to many of them.Visit us in for more information on travel to Patagonia.
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By: Marcelo Kunstman

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