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There are 1000's of hotels in central London, 9,248 officially classed hotels to be precise, and variety and choice is vast, from the beautiful Abbey Court hotel in Pembridge Gardens, to the vast Cumberland hotel at Marble Arch, cheap and cheerful gems like the Hyde Park Towers to the amazing expensive Charlton Tower hotel, this city has it all.

In London hotels whether it is 2 star, 3 star, 4 star or even 5 star, London hotels have worked very hard to improve and develop their product, some much better than others. To look at highlighting each star grading, best leisure hotels, best business hotels, best niche hotels, unique hotel and also aspects like innovation or unique and interesting product offerings, would be near impossible as London hotels continue to strive for that USP.

There are copious negatives about central London hotels, be warned, however air conditioning is possible the worst, This is due to, in the most parts, the age of a lot of the hotel buildings, and then the vast cost of upgrading. However I do accept that in central London, as in any major city that there are some disappointing hotels, but we also know that any city needs a wide range of choice and that is one thing London provides.

One point that you will always seen when searching for a London hotel is that every hotel in the city will talk about having the best location in the city. Location is such a relative point, because it is only the best location if it is exactly where you want to be, and what is quite sad is that some very disappointing hotels charge a higher rate because they believe they have a great location. However if you are coming to the city for a vacation then just about any central London hotel has a suitable location, it really is that simple.

So when picking your hotel please do not be over charged or misled by "location, location, location".

Another serious is the star ratings, nearly 40% of all London hotels who claim a star rating have either never been judged, or have not had it reviewed for many many years and the system is very seriously flawed. % levels to cover the vast array of different hotels is simply not possible. The 3 star market in London is so populated and the differences between those hotels can be amazing.

One London 3 star hotel has a great swimming pool, copious restaurant and food choice, and air-conditioning yet is still judged the same as some hotel that is nothing more than a very good B&B, it simply does not add up, so be careful.

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By: Paul Kavanagh

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