ManchesterAn Essential Quick Guide to Manchester England

Manchester is a city located in northwestern England. The city is bordered by the Cheshire Plain to the south and the Pennine Moors to the north and the east. It is home to a population of 437,000 inhabitants. Manchester was thought to have been settled in or before Roman times, and the city's name is derived from its Roman title: Mamucium. In the 18th century, Manchester's commercial output developed rapidly and the city became the world's most important industrial centre and the world's first industrial society.

Today, Manchester is still a vibrant location, with entertainment and attractions to suit all tastes. For those interested in exploring the city's history, the area around Albert Square offers some stunning examples of architecture through the ages. Some gems dotted around the Square include: the neo-Gothic Manchester Town Hall, the circular, neo-Classical Central Library and Theatre and the beautiful St Mary's Church ? dating back to 1794.

For those interested in less historical pursuits, the area around St Ann's Square offers visitors plenty of shopping opportunities, as well as the chance to relax in some of the area's cosy cafes. The Northern Quarter was once the centre of the city's textile industry, but now its home to Manchester's more avant-garde and artistic establishments. Whether you're looking for independent music stores, small clothing boutiques or unusual coffee shops, The Northern Quarter is the place to be seen.

Manchester is a welcoming, modern city that is home to a large number of cultures. Chinatown boasts bustling markets and a large portion of the city's east-Asian restaurants. The city is also home to a large gay community, with culture and nightlife centring around the Canal Street area.

From Manchester, tourists can easily take a day-trip to the picturesque Lake District. This area is England's largest National Park and it spans 885 square miles. The area was carved out by glacial erosion and it boasts 16 lakes. The Lake District offers visitors the chance to enjoy an abundance of water sports and boat trips.


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