Seven Florida Vacation Ideas

Tour Florida by canoe.Canoeing the rivers of Florida is not quite as popular as boating the waters off of Florida's coast, but it is gaining newfound attention from those seeking a more than ordinary vacation. Canoeing through the tranquil inland waters of Florida offers a visitor a view of the state which is not seen on any other type of vacation.

Only while touring the state in this way can one truly experience the Florida wilderness in its untouched and most pristine state. . One of the most popular Florida rivers navigated by canoeists is the Peace River, which is located in the central part of the state. This grand river, lined with lush vegetation and a wide variety of plant and tree species, meanders more than 130 miles from Lake Hancock to Charlotte Harbor. It is said that the gentle curving nature of this tranquil river affords canoeists an opportunity to experience nature on an intimate level. .

From the wind rushing through the trees to wildlife frolicking on the river's edge, there are many reasons why the Peace River is a top canoeing vacation destination. In addition to the Peace River, there are numerous waterways and rivers that afford canoeists an awesome opportunity to test their skills or simply lay back and enjoy. That is what makes a Florida canoeing vacation a must for any outdoor enthusiast.

.Visit downtown Jacksonville, Florida . While Jacksonville, Florida offers visitors a great deal of attractions and activities outside of its urban center, much can be said about the charms that downtown Jacksonville has to offer. A must see for any Florida vacation, Jacksonville offers visitors a wide array of cultural and arts entertainment. .

Downtown Jacksonville boasts of the world-famous Landing, an intricate web of shops and eateries where local entertainment and special celebrations are held. Also downtown you will find Alltel Stadium, home of the Jaguars; Veterans Memorial Coliseum where many events such as circuses, concerts, and monster truck shows are held; Wolfson park, home of the Jacksonville Suns baseball team; and Met Park, an amphitheater that plays home to many concerts. . Jacksonville also hosts the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and Junior Orchestra. And at the Florida Theatre you can see many Broadway plays as well as shows from stars such as David Copperfield and the Nutcracker Ballet during the Christmas season. All of this and more, is what makes Jacksonville the perfect vacation destination for your next Florida getaway.

Golf in Daytona, Florida.Boasting of more than 30 golf courses including 20 championship golf courses, one could view Daytona as a sea of green and a golfer's paradise. From beginner courses to advanced courses, Daytona's golfing scene has an attraction for every golfing enthusiast no matter what his or her experience level. . Daytona's championship golf courses line the 23-mile expanse of the Daytona Beach coastline.

With temperatures averaging little more than 70 degrees, Daytona's golf courses are ideal for spending an entire day on the green. And with great restaurants, resorts and area attractions nearby, a golfing vacation to Daytona is one that the whole family can enjoy. . Stay in a Florida beachfront vacation home .

Who wants to cram four or five vacationers in a hotel room equipped with only one bathroom when you can rent a deluxe beachfront vacation home for just as much of your hard-earned money? Located just steps from the beach and many popular tourist attractions, most Florida vacation homes offer the ultimate in luxury and convenience during your Florida vacation. . By renting a vacation home, you can have enough room for each person on your trip to enjoy the privacy of their own bedroom and possibly even their own bathroom. The houses are also equipped with all the amenities that you expect at home including washers and dryers, a fully equipped kitchen, towels and linens, TV and telephone.

All you have to bring is your clothes. And many beachfront vacation homes boast of a private pool and/or hot tub. Now that's vacationing. . Take a walking tour of Key West .There are some places that just cannot be fully experienced or appreciated from the window of your car or tour bus.

Key West, Florida is one of those places. Here culture, history and architecture combine to form one of the most memorizing and unique vacation destinations to be found anywhere in Florida. From the pastel cottages to the waving palms to the long, sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets, Key West is a place that is only truly experienced by really getting intimate with the island and breathing in all that is Key West.

. Rich and ornate architecture and landscaping is one of the most visible ways that the Key West locals fully express themselves. Key West is full of inspirational and exquisite architecture. In fact, one of the most enjoyed activities of tourists to Key West is touring the National Historic District in Old town, which includes almost 3,000 structures, public homes and museums. This is where the best architecture of Key West is to be found. Here you can tour such grand structures as the San Carlos Institute, the former mansion of Ernest Hemingway, and the John James Audubon House.

. Go on a Miami, Florida shopping spree . If you enjoy shopping, then you deserve a trip to the hottest shopping spot in all of Florida: Miami. Here you can truly shop till you drop.

In fact, there are millions upon millions of square feet dedicated to housing some of the finest shopping to be had anywhere. . Miami is the shopping Mecca of Florida and boasts endless premier shopping malls and boutiques. For shoppers who want a taste of the local flavor, Bayside Marketplace and Biscayne Bay have a number of boutiques and specialty shops that sell everything from plastic fruit to high-tech electronics. The Mayfair Shops, located in the Grove, is a complex made up of boutiques and nightclubs.

And Sawgrass Mills, with more than 300 shops and kiosks in a 2.4-million-square-foot facility makes even the most serious and dedicated shoppers feel like they've died and gone to the great big mall in the sky. .

Stay in South Beach's historical district . South Beach is perhaps one of the most famous neighborhoods in the Miami area. The South Beach Historical District, located on the peninsular southern tip of South Beach, consists of only one square mile, but is home to numerous 1930s to 1950s style Art Deco hotels. These hotels are only a short distance away from some of the major Miami attractions and offer comfortable, off-the-beaten-path lodging. .The historic district is also home to numerous other attractions including the Holocaust Memorial, Wolfsonian Museum, The Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts and Lincoln Road Mall.

.By Jasmine Maher
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By: Jasmine Maher

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