Why Move to Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica is the ultimate expression of personal freedom. This oasis of unsurpassed beauty, eco-diversity, and "the perfect wave" is nestled peacefully between the warm waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific. Each year, surfers, retirees and adventurers are attracted to its shores to experience an unmatched quality of life, low cost of living and "Garden of Eden" features.

  • Costa Rica's current real estate boom is driven by investors and developers from around the world who view favorable tax laws, land affordability, and the country's democratic stability as key drivers for a sound investment.
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  • Excellent, affordable health care by U.

    S.-trained, English-speaking physicians using state-of-the-art medical equipment. Many people come to Costa Rica from around the world for affordable cosmetic surgery.

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  • An American population of approximately 50,000.

    There are more Americans living in Costa Rica than Costa Ricans living in American. They have no desire to leave this peaceful, beautiful country.

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  • Great weather year-round, with an average temperature of 89 degree F on the Pacific seacoast.

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  • Home to 5% of the Earth's known species in a country the size of West Virginia.
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  • Tropical rainforests, seven active and 60 dormant volcanoes, mountain forests, 9,000 species of plants including 1,400 species of orchids, exotic animals and abundant national parks.

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  • Clean, drinkable water throughout the country.
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  • A population of warm, wonderful people who truly love and emulate Americans. Many speak English.
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  • Solid infrastructure, with electricity installed throughout the country? even in the smallest towns. The best telecommunications in Central America with cell phone service, 120 radio stations, a dozen TV stations and internet accessibility in almost every town and village.

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  • Travel writer Christopher P. Baker says Costa Rica has a proud history as Central America's most stable democracy (elections are so trouble-free that crowd control at polling stations is handled in part by school children).

    He describes how Ticos (as the friendly Costa Ricans are known) pride themselves as having more teachers than policemen. There is no army in this neutral country.

So with the soaring cost of South Florida and Southern California real estate, Costa Rica is an excellent alternate for those seeking a vacation home or retirement home with many of the same amenities as the USA at a fraction of the cost. This is why Costa Rica is becoming the logical extension of South Florida and Southern California for those still seeking tranquility, peace, and harmony at an affordable investment.
Bill Knickman is a managing member of Costa Rica Lifestyle Development.

CRLD specializes in real estate property development, construction, sales, and property management in Costa Rica. For more information about Costa Rica such as retiring, and purchasing property -- please visit or email Bill at bill@crld.



By: Bill Knickman

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